Say it like COMPANY...Spell it like COMP-NY

COMP-NY is a hybrid analog / digital recording studio in Los Angeles formed by Be Hussey offering complete music production, recording and mixing services.

Located in a 2000 sq ft building in the Equestrian District, we are near the horses and just 10 minutes from the east side of LA.

We have worked with many talented artists and been involved in the creation of many great albums.

Get in touch regarding your upcoming recording project.

Analog in the valley.
Horses in the alley.



company  dropped the ‘a’ back in 2001. You can search for it now…comp-ny. It has been an umbrella of creativity since 1994 where it began in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the form of a practice space / design and screenprinting shop / recording studio (the original 40 Oz. Sound run by the late, great Geoff Streadwick). It occupied a space in The Technology Center building from 1994-2001 until everyone moved out and it burned to the ground.