ARIANA DELAWARI – “Entelechy I & II” Released

Ariana Delawari‘s new double LP is out now. LP I mixed here by Butchy Fuego and LP II by Be Hussey.

“Her new record, Entelechy, Greek for “fulfilling one’s potential,” is similarly double-sided. The first half sounds futuristic, with synth-heavy production by Butchy Fuego, otherwise known as the electronic artist San Gabriel. Side two offers the same songs, this time stripped bare and then overlaid with rich, supple beats by Afghan-American tabla virtuoso Salar Nader.” – READ VILLAGE VOICE STORY

NOISEY Premieres Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan “Sex Beat” Video

“We decided on a simple performance video for ‘Sex Beat’ to show how the record was made,” explains Greta. “Katy and I played all the instruments on Take It, It’s Yours and filmed this video at Comp-ny Recording, the studio where we actually made the record with our friend and producer Drew Fischer. This is the first video I’ve ever directed and it was so fun that I’ve started working on a bunch more.”