Welcome to comp-ny.

We are a hybrid analog / digital recording studio in the Equestrian District of Los Angeles. We specialize in song and album production, recording and mixing, using the finest in analog and digital gear within a comfortable recording environment.



We do all types of analog and digital recording from full band setups to individual songwriters. Vocal overdubs, writing sessions, string ensemble recording, small choirs, live drum sessions, etc. We offer the usage of our analog tape as well at no additional cost. These tapes are transferred to digital during the session.


We offer the ability to add professional overdubs to your songs, including vocal comping, vocal tuning, digital editing, song arrangement, drum editing/fixing/comping, we do it all here.


We offer professional mixing services, both “in-the-box” digital as well as analog mixing. The analog option takes advantage of our vintage 34-input recording console combined with our stack of outboard gear. In both scenarios, we can print mixes to our Ampex 1/4″ 2-track tape machine. Any combination of analog / digital is possible.


“The Campus” Original Score

“…combines ambient soundscapes with droning synth based melodies…sure to delight fans of late night supernatural slasher flicks”.
-Custom Made Music

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HISTORIAN – “Expanse” Released

Historian‘s third album Expanse is a moody, melancholy, string-laden record that echoes the great modern orchestral albums, such as Sea Change, Automatic for the People and Velvet Underground’s quieter self-titled album. The album maintains a unique balance of pastoral space folk and lush arrangements, accented by string quartet Quartetto Fantastico. Read more

Ötzi – Part Time Punks Sessions
Soft Kill – Part Time Punks
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pinkshinyultrablast – “Miserable Miracles”
TANGIENTS – “White Foam”
Choir Boy – Part Time Punks Sessions
Cut Chemist – “Die Cut”
“The Campus” Film Score
Lauren Ruth Ward – “Well, Hell”
Historian – “Expanse”
Kevin Morby – “Baltimore”
Haunted Summer – “Spirit Guides”
pinkshinyultrablast – “Find Your Saint”
Girlpool – “Powerplant”
Bloody Death Skull – “The Haunting Of…”
The Gaslamp Killer – “Instrumentalepathy”
Entrance – “Promises” EP
Kevin Morby – “Tiny Fires”
Sad Lovers & Giants – “Copacetic”
Big Search – “Life Dollars”
Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan – “Take It, It’s Yours”
Cyrus Gengras – “Fuckin’ Up My Name”
Ariana Delawari – Entelechy
Swarming Branch – “Surreal Number”
Luke Top – “Suspect Highs”
Lucky + Love – “Lucky + Love”
Carlos Niño & Friends – “Echoes, Flutes, It’s All Happening!”
Céu – “Tropix”
Haroula Rose – “Hear The Blue River”
King Mud – “Victory Motel Sessions”
GUIDES Featuring Kristeen Young – Single
Historian – “Current”
Them Are Us Too ‎- Part Time Punks Session
Vulfpeck – “Thrill Of The Arts”
GUIDES – “Abstract Mind” EP
DRINKS – “Hermits On Holiday”
Brendan Eder Ensemble
Cold Showers – “Matter Of Choice”
Ducktails – “St. Catherine”
Girlpool – “Chinatown” Single
Nic Hessler – “Soft Connections”
Kevin Morby
Quartetto Fantastico
Peaking Lights – ‘Cosmic Logic’
Peaking Lights – “Breakdown” Single
Kim Deal – “The Root” b/w “Range On Castle”
Scaredycat – “run.”
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Kim Deal
Haunted Summer
Tess Shapiro
Deadbeat Debauchery
The Damselles
Cut Chemist
Cut Chemist – “Outro (Revisited)”
Radar Brothers – “Eight”
Vulfpeck – “Vollmilch”
Go West Young Man
The Babies – “Our House On The Hill”
First Circuit
The Babies – “Moonlight Mile”
Nick Rosen – “Violet”
The Soft Pack – “Strapped”
Matteran Ghost
Particle Kid
Gaby Hernandez
Joey Dosik – “Where Do They Come From?”
Star Maps
Carlos Niño & Friends
Dwight Trible
Scaredycat – “Nine”
Owens Valley Dynamite
Dirty Eyes
The Damselles
Various Artists
The Monolators
Arthur C. Lee With Whit Walker
Ariana Delawari – “Lion Of Panjshir”
Turn On The Sunlight
T Model Ford – “Taledragger”
Hail Citizen
Name Of The Moon
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